How To Apply

This Is A Hand Up Program!

To qualify for services from Family Promise of the Lower Cape Fear:

A person(s) must be homeless and have at least 1 child under the age of 17 years.
In Wilmington, NC we define homeless as:
In your car, or out on the street, you are living with friends or relatives (and can document that you are unable to stay there), you’re living in a hotel/motel.
All potential guests of Family Promise of the Lower Cape Fear are required to go through an intake process.

The intake process:
1. Call (910-769-4730) to pre-screen for eligibility. The program and mission of Family Promise will be explained to you. If you are interested in the program at this point, you will be informed as to what documents are necessary for a complete application. The next step is to interview in person. All adult members of the household must attend this interview. A mutually convenient time to interview will be discussed at this point.
2. Arrive for your interview on time. Bring all necessary documents with you to this interview in order to have a complete application on file. Necessary documents include:

NC IDs for all adult household members
SS cards for all adult household members
Children’s immunization records
Children’s birth certificates
****If a child is not your natural child, you will be required to present documentation that
you have legal custody of that child.

3. If the program is something you are interested in after the interview and it is determined your family is eligible for Family Promise. We are not an immediate intake shelter. ALL adult family members will have a background check done on them. This could take up to two days. Nothing excludes a family immediately on the background check except for a sex-offense, arson, and manufacturing methamphetamine.. We do not allow sex offenders into our program because of the family nature of the program. The 2 days also allows you and your family to think about the program and to determine if it’s right for you.
4. At the end of the 2 days, if a family is still interested in the program, they call our Day Center (910-769-4730). The case manager will review the program, and ask the family has any questions. If both parties agree to the family’s participation in the program, arrangements will be made for final paperwork and entry into to the program.